PieH students back to school

Tattengrain, Erlande, Manaika, Roseberline, Landy, Daphney, and Ricardy attend the same school in Onaville

All of the PieH students are back in school. Haitians had a tough time last year. First, schools were closed because of violence in the streets; then, Covid hit. Students were without school for one year. Unlike here, online courses were not available. There were no tutors or assistance, and most parents are unable to help.
Schools reopened in August and spent three months fulfilling last year’s requirements. Now students are officially beginning their 2020-2021 school year.
Last week, Program Assistant Edome Orvilous met with most PieH students to measure uniforms and review report cards from the previous grade. PieH students attend nine different schools; this is a result of student families having to move locations.
We are hopeful for an uninterrupted and productive school year in Haiti.

Nailly beginning the 9th grade.
Some Duplan students: Margelle, Melissa, Aniaschamide, Naika, and Herby

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