Duplan School Grateful for Hygenic Restrooms

Written by Christelle Pierre

For several years, the students of the Methodist school faced difficulties in reaching the toilets. The “latrines” they used became transmission routes for all kinds of infections. Also, the smell that emanated from them harmed much of the school campus. Chlorine and the other detergents could not reduce the foul air that hovered around.

At the beginning of 2020, the construction of a special wing began at the Methodist school of Duplan. In this wing, there will be six (6) hygienic and modern toilets, two (2) urinals and two (2) sinks. The project is 80% complete.

Principal Yolaine Altema

Former students of the school proudly led the construction, namely Ms. Yolaine Altema, the school principal, and Mr. Patrick. They thanked Partners in Education Haiti for equipping the students and staff with complete restroom facilities with great gratitude.

The students also expressed their satisfaction with this new infrastructure and sanitary conditions.

Mr. Patrick also showed a water treatment unit under construction that will benefit the community of Duplan. Thanks to the construction of this water treatment access point, the community’s inhabitants will be better protected against certain diseases.

Mr. Patrick, Operations Director

Partners in Education Haiti is helping solve sanitation problems at the Methodist school in Duplan.”

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