Children’s Stories


Carlisha’s Story

Carlisha’s story clearly demonstrates PieH’s engagement with its Haitian partners. Carlisha was five years old when PieH members met her living with her mother in a tent city in Port au Prince. Her mother was selling wares in the streets in order to support the two of them, but the money she made was not enough to …

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Gabriel’s Story

Team members met Gabriel and his mother Katia in 2017. They connected with them through a mutual acquaintance, a U.S. physician Dr John Carroll, who treated Katia for a life- threatening condition in 2003. When Katia was young, she contracted strep throat, and like many Haitian children, she did not have access to medical care. …

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Menise’s Story

A team from Partners in education Haiti met Menise while she was living in a tent city in Port au Prince shortly after the earthquake. She was not in school but wanted to be. She had two more years to complete her high-school education but could not afford the cost of tuition, books, transportation, and uniform.Menise became …

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